Common Raw Materials and Characteristics of Juice Packaging Design

August 16,2022

In recent years, health care has become an increasingly popular topic. Many young people pick up the insulation cup and drink cola with a mixture of two. There are more and more strange drinks, but all express the pursuit of a healthy life. Fruit and vegetable juices are a healthier choice than those seeking comfort drinks.


There are more and more kinds of fruit and vegetable juices in supermarkets, and the packaging is becoming more and more distinctive. So, do you know the ingredients and characteristics of fruit and vegetable juices commonly used in packaging design?


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Common raw materials of fruit and vegetable juices for packaging design


  • Plastic plastic bottles are the packaging form often used for most beverages, and fruit and vegetable juices are no exception. It allows consumers to observe the color and consistency of the beverage more visually. The colors of fruit and vegetable juices are generally brighter. Packaging in plastic bottles can often attract the attention of consumers in a row of light-colored tea drinks. In addition, with the pursuit of health care, consumers will have a high possibility to buy fruit and vegetable juices.


  • Coated paper is a common packaging material used in beverages, made only based on food white cards. It is a material that designers prefer to use in packaging design for fruit and vegetable juices because of its good hardness and versatile shape. Compared with plastic, it has better coloring and gives designers more room to play. But because it is not transparent, you need to focus on the color of the fruit and vegetable juice on the outer packaging when you do the package design.


Packaging design of fruit and vegetable juice features packaging design with many shapes of fruit and vegetable juice, some of which are directly designed in the shape of fruits or vegetables. For example, apple juice is made from a plastic bottle or paper bag that resembles an apple. Some combine fruits and other items to make a simple design.


One interesting design combines an apple with a regular cup and ends up with a shape that is as interesting as putting a fruit on a cup. The colors of fruit and vegetable juice packaging designs are generally eye-catching, often seen in attractive reds or purples, sometimes with some bright colors for visual impact, but some are simpler and there is not much sophistication in the packaging. The design is the fruit or vegetable itself, but it is also attractive.




Fruit juice was the first non-ready-to-eat children's food to use plastic packaging, which is quite high in acid content for fruit juices, with ketchup salsa plastic bottles expanding the application of a successful packaging example that has a long shelf life, typically 15 months. For ketchup salsa, thermoformed containers of PP/recycled PP/adhesive resin/EVOH/binder resin/PP construction of 113g have replaced about 1/4 of the glass containers.


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