HQ Pack: The Cheese Industry's Most Reliable Resource For Packaging Materials

August 16,2022

As material science continues to evolve, packaging formats for the cheese and dairy industries are changing rapidly, and our company is at the forefront of this field. From cheese bags, to shrink bags for display in delis, to single-serve packaging for retail, our company offers the most comprehensive range of packaging products and technologies for the cheese and dairy industry.


As one of the world's leading suppliers of high-performance cheese and dairy packaging, our company continues to innovate in materials that provide the cheese industry with the greatest consumer appeal: trouble-free machinability, superior barrier protection, long shelf life and more.


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Starting with better barriers


Visual appeal, appealing flavors, distinctive aromas, appetizing textures - the achievement and maintenance of these important qualities starts with the material's superior barrier properties.


Our company's complex multi-layer barrier structures are challenged by oxygen, moisture, cheese oil, outgassing, and seal contamination - all typical problems faced by processors. Our advanced materials technology controls leakage, swelling and stress cracking during logistics distribution, while controlling product waste, returns and more.


Building on product appeal


Processors find that our advanced materials directly enhance product appeal. Our technologies include: shrink bags that can be applied with 360-degree Surround printing technology; puncture-resistant ICE molding films that showcase products in full transparency; and co-extruded laminates that allow CO2-generating cheese products to breathe.


Ending with convenience


Faster and easier opening, sealing and storage - that's what our company is after.


With the new LIFT & PEEL shrink bag pull tabs, consumers can easily pull and peel the film away from the cheese without the need for a knife or scissors.


The open/reseal device can be placed onto the package at a variety of temperatures to seal in a contaminated environment, and the peel strength can vary from user to user.


Directional tear-off systems provide consumers with zippers and sliders that can open/reseal packages.


Market driven continuous innovation


Since its inception, our company has worked with the industry's leading cheese and dairy processors and packaging equipment suppliers, and this strategic partnership has spawned numerous innovations across all facets of the industry. To name a few.


  • Cheese blocks: From cheese blocks to bushings, our company has a proven set of material technologies that can handle a wide range of cheeses with different requirements.


  • Public institutions and food service:High-barrier materials can withstand heavy products and logistical distribution in harsh conditions.


  • Natural cheese blocks and slices: Films with mechanical processing properties, high resistance to high temperatures and stiffness, possessing limited draw properties to prevent cheese slices from binding.


  • Packaging films for processed cheese slices:Ultra-thin, lightweight, processable packaging dies ideal for flow wrapping.


  • Grated cheese: High-performance materials provide excellent oxygen, moisture, and flavor barrier while avoiding aerosol clouding.


  • Shrink bags: Clear-Tite bags that fit the cheese profile provide excellent closure and superior damage resistance.




Our company continues to bring new ideas and technologies to the cheese packaging industry.


If you are looking for a nacho cheese sauce pouches, Ortega cheese sauce pouch, packing pouch manufacturer, we hope we will be your best choice.