How to Design More Attractive Dog Food Packaging?

August 16,2022

With the improvement of living standards, more and more partners began to join the family of cats and dogs, to become the new era of pet owners! What is life? What is life? Naturally is to eat, sleep and sleep! The Pet economy is soaring, promoting the booming market, but also let the dog food packaging design has become a lot of companies concerned about the big topic! Today we will talk about some of the high sales of dog food, in the end, is how the design.


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Highlight the product culture


Dog food is an indispensable food source in the life of dogs, modern dog food is subdivided into young dog food, adult dog food, senior dog food, and classification contains canned food, milk cake, and jerky. Therefore the original intention of dog food packaging design is to highlight the culture of the product while designing according to the classification. If the manufacturer is doing dog food, then this dry food is certainly a large package. The design should focus on the color, pattern, and the text of the dog food packaging. For example, is it a pure meat dog food? Is the dog food within the added elements that are beneficial to dogs? Whether it is an imported product and so on. Such elements are equivalent to the dog food "identity", but also the root cause of consumer enthusiasm for the purchase of Oh.


High-quality bags


Dog food and cat food, as well as the use of bags, injected nitrogen preservation. This packaging not only facilitates business operations but also streamlines many costs. But the use of bags is a big deal! First of all, you should not use a single-sided bag! Single-sided bags for dog food will present a "belly as big as a drum" image, which looks unattractive, while also giving consumers the feeling of being low-end. The use of double-sided bags, both more dog food, but also let consumers feel that the dog food is indeed a lot, indeed enough scale.


Highlight the origin


Today many dog food for imported products, or have foreign technology and production materials. This type of dog food is imported food in common sense! Imported dog food is expensive, so the dog food packaging design must not be sloppy! As imported food gives a high-end impression, the design should highlight the regional culture, such as indicating that it is a country, a region, or a company's products. If you can add a pattern, then you should add a regional landmark on top of the dog pattern, and the dog and the building will reflect each other well.


Emphasize the product advantages


Product advantage is also to say! Dog food instructions are generally printed on the back, large enough, the first thing you need to write is the advantages of the dog food and ingredients. The middle part should focus on writing a few important ingredients, such as fresh beef, and chicken, these ingredients make consumers feel the high-end atmosphere.




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