Reasons for Quality Problems with Ketchup Bags

August 16,2022

Ketchup is a sauce-like concentrate of fresh tomatoes, a popular condiment in everyday life, with ketchup in many dishes, and for example, French fries dipped in ketchup is a popular consensus. Small packages of ketchup are not only easy to access, but also avoid waste.


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Why do ketchup bags have quality problems?


While ketchup is popular, we need to realize that there are many quality issues that need to be taken care of in small ketchup bags. Ketchup is an acidic food and it is necessary to sterilize it when packaging.


In daily life, ketchup bags placed for a long time will also appear swollen bag phenomenon, the reasons for this, or the following two main aspects caused by.


One, ketchup bags in the sterilization process, sterilization is not complete, resulting in bacteria, microorganisms restore activity, and the reaction of the ketchup in the package continues to produce acid and gas, resulting in ketchup bags bloated phenomenon.


The sterilization is not complete generally may be because the temperature of high-temperature sterilization is not up to standard, so as not to achieve the desired sterilization effect; there is a possibility that the sterilization system of the pipeline sealing there is a slack point, that is, the sterilization environment is not airtight enough, resulting in the product and the outside world open contamination.


Second, the ketchup bag itself is "damaged" resulting in the aseptic state of ketchup is also damaged, after a long period, began to breed bacteria, microorganisms, resulting in acid production and gas production, resulting in the phenomenon of swollen bags.


So, why the ketchup bags will suffer "damage", possibly because of poor sealing ketchup bags production; may be because of ketchup bags' selection of packaging materials, barrier, air permeability, water permeability is not good; may be poor puncture resistance of ketchup bags, low strength; may even be due to improper storage, resulting in external damage to the ketchup bags and air leakage.




Food left in the air can undergo various changes, such as spoilage, rancidity, discoloration or moisture absorption, resulting in inedible food. Food spoilage in addition to its own reasons, but also has a great relationship with the bad conditions in which it is located.


Therefore, as the primary function of the composite flexible packaging for food is to reduce the adverse effects of environmental factors on food flexible packaging commonly used substrates are mainly plastic film, but also includes paper, aluminum foil and other materials. The nature of different films is different, their usefulness is also different.


Therefore, the sealing of ketchup packaging bags is very important.


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